Your data is the most important asset to your business.

We’ll make sure that both your business and your customers are protected with our cybersecurity services and awareness training. The team of experts at PSQ Group can ensure that you have the right prevention, detection and security response mechanisms in place to manage security risks. 

As more businesses transition to flexible working arrangements, your team plays an increasingly important role in keeping your data safeguarded, that’s why we provide comprehensive employee education so you can feel confident everyone is playing their part. We’ll also take the time to get to know your IT systems inside and out so that we can make sure you’re protected from all potential threats. 

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Cyber Awareness Starts Here

The solution is never one size fits all. At PSQ Group, we take the time to analyse and understand your business and its goals, before recommending a tailored approach.

IT Security Planning

Your data and compliance is crucial in today’s business landscape. We can keep your company’s information and data secure and free from exposure by empowering your team with a cyber aware program.

Security and Threat Assessment

Don’t wait for an attack to see if you’re protected. Our team of engineers can test your current security for vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and develop your team capabilities to identify the warning signs.

Device and Network Assessment

Your devices and network health are the lifeline of your business. Thankfully, your organisations’ health can be monitored in real time with PSQ’s remote monitoring. We’ll provide you with real-time feedback on your device and network health, ensuring you are always business ready.

Explore the Benefits of Cyber Awareness & IT Security

Empower staff to protect themselves and your business.

Most security breaches are caused by human error.

Ensure that you are up to industry standards and legal requirements.

Don’t risk being open to liabilities.

Keep track of threats in real time.

Be proactive and ensure your data is safe from breaches and hackers.

Most Common Security Risks

Remote Employees

Your business has staff that work off site or from home regularly.

Lack of Procedures

You don’t have security processes in place, such as enabling multi-factor authentication.

No Backups

You aren’t backing up your data every day (or at all).

Not Taking Advantage of Automation

There are no automated process for security updates on your company devices.

No Active Monitoring

You aren’t actively monitoring your network and devices for security threats.

What Encryption?

You don’t have any network encryption enabled.


Securing Data for Perth’s Historic NFP

When one of Perth’s most prominent Not-For-Profits engaged PSQ Group as their IT Managed Services Provider, our first step was to assess their current cybersecurity position. This revealed exposed security risks caused by volunteer turnover and the use of personal devices that had to be immediately mitigated to protect them from data loss and leakage.…

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IT Security & Awareness Training

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IT Support & Tech Consulting

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