When one of Perth’s most prominent Not-For-Profits engaged PSQ Group as their IT Managed Services Provider, our first step was to assess their current cybersecurity position.

This revealed exposed security risks caused by volunteer turnover and the use of personal devices that had to be immediately mitigated to protect them from data loss and leakage. Protecting their data and ensuring regulatory compliance was a top priority for our team.  

Our Solution

In close collaboration with the Not-For-Profit, we discussed that the best course of action was to set up a new IT security policy that addressed the issues discovered through penetration testing. This involved us simulating a cyber attack against their IT systems to check for vulnerabilities. The IT policy was then implemented across the whole organisation.

We then set up a multi-layered security defence mechanism that incorporated a new generation firewall, antispam, antimalware, DNS protection and state of the art end-point protection to ensure compliance with data protection policies. Together, this multi-layered security defence mechanism would protect the Not-For-Profit against attacks and human error, leading to security breaches.

The Results

The foundation now operates confidently in a digital environment by eliminating this exposure to data loss, with ongoing real-time data security and protection.

"Without PSQ Group's support and migrating us to Microsoft 365 before the pandemic, our organisation would have had to close our doors."
~ Operations Manager