Nothing is quite as important as sharing your travels with those who matter most in a digitally connected world.

That’s why a prominent 5-star hotel in the Perth CBD engaged PSQ Group to help them create an exceptional experience for their guests, to stay connected to family and friends, whilst enjoying the luxuries of their room.

As one of the longest-standing hotels in the Perth CBD, legacy IT systems and outdated network infrastructures resulted in poor access for guests to connect to the Internet. After a barrage of guest complaints about poor signals, the hotel engaged PSQ Group to deliver a cost-effective solution to significantly improve the guest connectivity experience. In addition, replacing access points in each room wouldn’t fix the issue due to concrete floors and thick walls hindering connectivity.

Our Solution

We discovered that the root cause of the connection problems was the old structural cabling used at the hotel. In addition, concrete floors and thick walls were hindering connectivity. Simply replacing the connection was not an option due to budget limitations.

Working with the hotel, we identified a cost-effective solution to refresh the wireless infrastructure. We used existing cabling to deliver a Very High Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) with access points in each room, providing guests with a high-speed connection to loved ones and friends.

The Results

Every room at the hotel now has great wireless coverage. To further enhance the guests’ experience, they also have a new data connection port as some business guests have to operate within a company policy that does not allow them to connect to wireless.