We ask you, our valued clients, for feedback every time our team solves a problem you have. And we take our peoples’ feedback seriously.


Client satisfaction is our only KPI. In fact, we don’t measure our success in tickets like the standard MSP, but in how well we do – according to you.


As we move forward in a new year, we always find it’s important to look back and see how it all went. And last year was a hugely successful one for our team. Just take a look at some of our stats.


Over the last three months of the year, our happiness % has been a perfect 


% of our clients reported that our work goes above and beyond expectations

Over the last 12 months, our service recorded a client happiness % of 



Overall, the past year saw our work score 83% amazing satisfaction ratings, 17% good, and 0% anything less! 

We’re happy when we’re making our clients happy.


Thank you for an incredible year and putting your trust in us. Let’s do it again in 2024.