PSQ Group

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PSQ Group have developed a strong reputation in the provision of support services, which is a result of customer focus, in addition to the strong technical expertise of the support services team.

We utilise high end monitoring and helpdesk/ticketing solutions to manage our clients' networks, ensuring that SLAs are not breached and uptime is maximised. By proactively monitoring all systems 24x7, PSQ Group gain a visibility into their clients' networks, which allows us to provide an unparalleled level of service and support today.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services cover all aspects of the planning, delivery and support of an organisation's IT requirements, including on-site services with 24x7 tiered helpdesk support/ticketing solutions, which provides continuous customer service.

Our understanding of how critical technology is to your business, enables us to provide the management and monitoring services you require to enhance service uptime and reduce risk. Our proactive management ensures that issues are identified before they impact the functionality of your business, through the provision of skilled engineering resources.

PSQ Group can offer your organisation:

  • Full outsourcing
  • 24x7 helpdesk support
  • Tailored specialised assistance
  • Managed server solutions
  • Network monitoring solutions
  • Remote backup solutions
  • Virtualization management solutions
  • Vendor management
  • Installation and management of hardware devices
  • Installation and management of software updates and patches
  • Consultation/advisory role

A Managed Services Agreement allows access to PSQ Group's extensive technical expertise and provides the flexibility to allow you to concentrate on developing your business rather than focussing on whether your organisation is getting the most out of its IT networks and systems.


To assist you in keeping up to date with the constant evolution of modern technology, we offer you our expertise and experience through an IT consultancy service. Our knowledge across a variety of industries enables us to provide both industry insight and advice on the future of your IT environment, which will make your specific business objectives achievable.

Project Management

We offer complete IT project management, which involves the planning, monitoring and controlling of information technology projects, as well as specialised business project management which goes beyond just assisting you in the management of your technical requirements.

Our project managers would be responsible for:

  • Estimating the time to complete specific tasks
  • Developing details project plans
  • Coordinating internal and customer resources
  • Identifying and mitigating risks associated with the project
  • Logistics
  • Management of carriers and external vendors


The efficient delivery of services depends upon IT resources and IT procurement plays a significant role in achieving departmental, corporate and service objectives. We have extensive knowledge of the licensing, technology and warranty issues which are vital in the purchase of IT software and hardware.

Systems Integration & Customization

We make it easy to configure systems in order to access the data sets you need to run your business and grow. We have customisable mapping tools that allow for seamless data provisioning and automation takes care of sending your data in the agreed format without hands on input.

We can offer you tailored applications and interfaces that meet your specific requirements, as well as a range of customizable data provisioning services.

Systems Audit & Review

We can perform an IT systems audit and review, which involves an examination of the management controls within your information technology infrastructure, enabling us to determine if your assets are safeguarded, data integrity is maintained and operating effectively.

IT Support

You do not have to have an agreement with us to utilise our expertise and services on those occasions when you find yourself in an IT nightmare! We can provide ad-hoc IT support to any organisation that requires immediate assistance in an emergency situation, so please just give us a call and let us help you recover the situation.

Backup Solutions

In the event of an unexpected disaster, it is imperative to protect your organisation by safeguarding the data and systems which enable it to function through off-site backup solutions.

These solutions provide a secure environment where your organisation's data and systems can be stored, which will be continuously monitored and maintained by the highly experienced engineers at PSQ Group.

In addition to safeguarding your valuable data, PSQ Group will also provide all processes, supervision and collateral services required to ensure that the backup solution is functioning correctly.